Strohl Appliance & Electronics began selling

Radio Shack products in 1981.

Strohls carry a full line of Radio Shack electronics

along with many other electronics.

* and analog

*Cameras, Camcorders and accessories

*Tablets, Laptop Computers and computer accessories

*Televisions, Antennas, Amplifiers, Rotators...cords, cables, wires and splitters

*Telephones...Landline corded and cordless

and so much more!




Strohl Appliance & Electronics 

has alkaline, rechargeable, button cell and lithium batteries.

Strohls have replaceable batteries and even "hard to find" batteries.


Radio Shack batteries are proven to last longer.



Strohls have Radio Shack batteries at discounted prices every day!



Cordless phone batteries

Button Cell Batteries